Box Clever

Is it just me or a boxes and bags bloomin' expensive!

And, why are they always in horrible colours. Trying giving your grandad a pressie in a flourscent pink bag!!

Well, for me its 'why buy it if you can make it' :-)

Here's some ideas where you can make your own from scratch or if you're really really busy (or making out to be) then buy the bag and decorate it!

I'm really really proud of these boxes. Not only did I make them all from scratch (I have embossing'itis!) they ended up in Docrafts Creativity Magazine (and yes I've kept a spare copy to show my daughter when she's older that mummy got published!)

The magazine did my boxes much more justice than me and my camera!!




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  1. Well done!!! Great boxes and so much nicer to make your own! X