Needles and Pins

In my old age I'm definitely going to be Miss Marple. Clicking away with my knitting needles making embarrassing stuff for my grandkids :-)

Until I'm old and pee when I laugh (ha ha) I'll continue dabbling and making things that make my daughter hug me; add personal touch to my clothes/bags and I can give as pressie's to those I love.



  1. These are just wonderful! I have just learned to crochet and am loving it....haven't gotten the hang of knitting though. What is your favourite crochet flower pattern, if it's not a secret?

  2. I've got a brill book called '100 flowers to knit and crochet' by Lesley Stanfield. To be honest I started with finding free patterns on the web and played there first :-) problem with being on different sides of the pond is we called treble crochet something different. Think you call it a dc where as we call it a tbr. Just to make it interesting :-) xx