Saturday, 2 February 2013

A place for little treasures...

So, not a card today....

Instead time for boxes and I'm giving you three different ideas :-) The colour scheme comes from Docrafts Creativity Club download - 'Paisley in maroon' (and it's lovely!!)

First on the left is a wedge box. I've made quite a wide one here and the great thing is you can pick the size you want. The only thing to remember is your overall length and width needs to be divisable by 2. So, this one measures 10''x6''.
Whatever your measurements. You score length in half across width of the card. Then mark with a little pencil line half way across the top and bottom. Then score between your mark line and outer edge of score line. It will look like three triangle sections on the top and bottom. Now fold in half and you'll see that the 'edges' slot together. Take a hole punch and punch through two sections on each side. Decorate the front however you'd like. Finally, thread and ribbon through to hold together (once you've put your little pressie inside!).

Next is a bonbon box. And this is really easy to make. All you do is score a nine box grid. And that means you are going to cut a square that's divisable by 3. So you can take a 12'' piece of card and have score lines at 4'' & 8'', turn and do the same. Or pick A4 card (which this one is) and score at 2.5'', 5'' and 7.5'' (discard remaining card). Turn card around and do the same.
Now, in each corner score a diagonal line from outside edge to inside edge. So, in the four outer squares of your nine box grid you'll end up with a diagonal score line.
Fold all your scores and decorate! To keep your box together, hole punch in each top corner and thread your ribbon through.

Lastly, this cute little bag is a Papermania template called 'Goody Bag'. Simply draw around the template, cut out and score along the lines as instructions tell you. To do the pretty ribbon effect along the handle, take strong double sided tape and stick to inside of front handle. Then stick your ribbon down to this in a ruffle making sure you leave most of the ribbon showing above the handle.

This paper set not only has great papers it has wonderful sentiments. For friends and loved one's you'll find something you'll want to use.

For more ideas of the papers available in the Creativity Club head over to my 'Docrafts Creativity Club' page :-)

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