Sunday, 24 February 2013


Just finished by docrafts magazine commision for the May edition :-) I'll find out if I can give you any sort of sneaky peak (you never know). Won't risk it now incase I get hit by a flying 'brad' from docrafts magazine chief :-)

All I will say is forget soft and subtle, this collection is bold, colourful and great fun to play with :-)

I've also got some fab news to share this week!! It should mean a few more friends come and play on my blog :-) And wonderfully for me, I'm about to make some good friends too :-)

Have a good week everyone xx


  1. Aha Teresa, you already have! I can't wait to see the new Do Crafts goodies... I need something exciting... I thought my external hard drive had crashed, taking with it absolutely every digital thing I own! I don't know what happened, but thankfully, it hadn't happened... phew!

  2. Oh no! There's always those few minutes of pure dread when ur computer stops talking to u. Glad ur ok now :-)

  3. I'm here....can ya see me waving? Just been havin' a quick nosy just may be the person to give me much needed inspiration for my mounds.....ahemm...few bits of docrafts schtuff...heehee. x