Monday, 4 February 2013

Beat the Postman....

Ok so I don't mean literally (no matter how much they bash your lovely new craft stash when trying to get it through your letter box!)

I'm thinking how we get around the horrid 90p large stamp cost (booo!)

You got to get up early to beat us crafters as we have a very cool weapon in the fight against big stamps....


I'm all about this today as it's my step-mum's birthday this week. And despite my pleas for them not to retire outside of a 5 mile radius of us and kids (babysitting is a necessity for me and hubby to retain out mental health!!) - anyway, they went and moved to Devon!

I'm not the kind of person to hold it against them so here's two cards (because we're nice like that in our house) made using digi crafting. It's quick and there's soooo much to choose from. Go on, have a play :-)


The cute bear if you've not seen him before is Wellington. Apparantly some horrid kids left him in attic and some lovely new kids found him and brought him downstairs (how sweet?) If that happened in our house, he'd now be covered in jam and dog hair :-)

TULIP AND FRIENDS (and others too)

My step-mum loves little dogs so this character from 'Tulip and Friends' DVD rom was a great choice for her :-)
And unlike our dog, it doesn't shed any hair!!


  1. Gorgeous cards,lovely images and fab papers.A new

  2. Thanks Doreen :-) love looking out for ur makes too x